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Quick Vehicle Registration

We require only personal ID and a driving licanse for an agreement registration. The Green Auto experienced managers will suggest the best options for you!


Green Auto does not place commercial logos and signs on its vehicles, in order to keep representative car looks.

Clear Lease Agreement Terms

Green Auto provides full vehicle insurance, hourly rental calculation and proof of technical inspection. 

Exceptional Fleet Condition

We offer brand new cars with a wide functional range and contemporary design at addordable prices.




Everyday needs of a modern person require active consumption of energy resources, such as wood, coal, oil and carbon. Atmosphere saturation with carbon oxide leads to the glasshouse effect, raises temperature of land, water and air. It is commonly known that high temperatures are dangerous for animal population and flora. Natural phenomenons are also exposed to atmosphere changes, which results in tornadoes, hurricanes and wood fires. Such a damaging life cycle, developed by humans has been strongly introduced into our routine.

A number of generations have grown with a persuasion that a car can only run on petrol or diesel. However, permanent natural consequences have forced scientists and car enthusiasts to renovate an old-fashioned system. Green Auto supports environmental friendly approach to the automobile activity and offers a number of “green” cars for rent. Eco cars provide a number of advantages for a driver, passengers and surrounding:

  • gas flow reduction
  • cheap engine maintenance
  • taxation decrease for less capacious engine operation
  • engine durability
  • a great amount of free parking lots for ecological cars
  • lower noise level